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How A Real Estate Agent Can Help You Sell Your House

The first advice is that you choose a professional advisor, otherwise you put the sale of your property in non-expert hands. Verify that the estate agent or agency belongs to a trade association such as the NAEA (National Association of Estate Agents) Also, corroborate the experience of the company and their track record of property sales.

You should also consider the following:

Good communication

You want to use an estate agent who is available to consult, answer your questions, and keep you updated on enquiries regarding your property etc. Make sure they are proactive and preferably assign a person to contact with any queries you may have.

How can an estate agent help you?

It's not about hiring someone to put up a sign that says FOR SALE and that's it. A real estate professional will always advise you on issues of vital importance to carry out a real estate transaction.

Setting the price

The first task should be to set the sale price together. This must be competitive, and based on a comparative market study, to avoid trying to sell your property for too high a price or low a price.

Legal advice

The agent should also advise you from start to finish on the legal issues, the most important in a real estate transaction. The documentation, the offers, the purchase agreement and the corresponding notarial procedure, should comprise the legal advice that the estate agent that you hire should offer.

Financial advice

The vast majority of real estate purchases involve mortgages; therefore, your estate agent should be trained in this subject and also be able to expedite quickly and efficiently any financing requirements so that getting a mortgage does not turn into an ordeal. Dealing with a local independent broker, for example, a mortgage broker Essex offers, if you are selling in the area can be useful, as they can help potential buyers with their knowledge of the local lending market.

Sales and marketing

Obviously, the estate agent who attends you should be properly trained in other issues such as sales, customer service, negotiation, contracts, etc. to take care of your interests and successfully complete the transaction.

Real estate professionals know that it is essential to effectively promote property for sale and they will always be willing to use the resources at their disposal to publish your property through the most appropriate channels to sell it, and not only place a FOR SALE sign outside the property.

Professional commitment

A good real estate adviser takes care of their clients. Therefore, they commit to their clients by signing a contract to promote the property for a determined time, which clearly establishes the obligations of the service provider. On the contrary, if someone proposes to sell your property without signing a document, you might assume that the person is not really committed, but only thinking of the commission they can charge you.

The range of fees is defined by each real estate company, the commission ranges between 2% and 2.5% of the final sale price typically, although there are many other fee structures available. This percentage varies according to the quality and quantity of services provided by each company, therefore, the cheapest will not always be the best.

It should be noted that many people call themselves estate agents, but it is important to consider the number of years of experience they have in the market, if they have an established office, etc.

When it comes to placing your property for sale in the hands of a third party, you must evaluate the security and professionalism they provide you, and not just how much it will cost you.

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